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Broad Field

The broad field courses are intended to give students exposure to a variety of ministry fields through specific ministry strategy courses and integrated field experience. Students who feel called to any full-time or part-time ministry role or who are interested in gaining an overall perspective of Christian ministry would benefit from the broad field specialization.

CM 201 Survey of Christian Education 3 hrs
CM 260 Introduction to Intercultural Ministries 3 hrs
Integrated Field Experience
CM 224 IFE: Spiritual Formation 3 hrs
CM 225 IFE: Small Groups 3 hrs
CM 324 IFE: Discipleship 3 hrs
CM 325 IFE: Ministry Methods 3 hrs
Specific Ministry Strategies
Choose Three:
CM 175 Foundations of Youth Ministry 3 hrs
CM 215 Foundations of Children’s Ministry 3 hrs
CM 315 Principles of Family Ministry 3 hrs
CM 400 Principles of Adult Ministry 3 hrs
Finishing Courses
CM 320 Principles of Ministry Programming 3 hrs
CM 342 Relational Skills for Ministry 3 hrs
CM 420 Ministry Leadership –or–
CM 475 Senior Seminar 2 hrs
CM 480 Christian Ministries Integrative Seminar 1 hr
Upper Biblical Studies Required Course Work
BI 275 Teaching the Bible 3 hrs
BRS 231 Christian Doctrine 3 hrs
BRS 338 Theological and Sociological Foundations
of Evangelism
3 hrs
BRS 340X History of Christianity 3 hrs