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Counseling Psychology

The Counseling Psychology Emphasis (CPE) has been created for Psychology Majors who wish to focus their course selections to those that will prepare them for further training in the people-helping professions.

Course selections of 18 hours for the Counseling Psychology Emphasis are part of the 47 hour requirement for the Psychology Major.

Courses you might take:

Theory Course
PSY 300 Personality Theories 3 hrs
Clinical Course
PSY 310 Abnormal Psychology 3 hrs
Specialty Course
Choose One:
PSY 230 Crisis Intervention 3 hrs
PSY 240 Human Sexuality 3 hrs
PSY 255 The Psychology of Addiction 3 hrs
Practical Courses
Choose Two:
PSY 356 Conflict Management 3 hrs
PSY 345/445/470 Internship (Counseling related only) 3 hrs
PSY 372 Cognitive Behavioral Psychology 3 hrs
Professional Issues Course
PSY 400 Therapeutic Psychology 3 hrs