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General Education Requirements

Trinity International University has established a program of general education requirements that engages students in many different fields of learning.

Our desire is to introduce students to the breadth of liberal arts learning, and our requirements seek to provide the biblical, conceptual, and contextual foundations for all subsequent education, as well as for learning across one’s lifespan. Specifically, we intend that by the time of graduation the student will be able to:

    1. Articulate a Christian world-and-life view
    2. Think critically, reason clearly, and communicate effectively
    3. Utilize quantitative and analytical skills
    4. Employ moral reasoning and judgment as an outgrowth of personal faith and commitment
    5. Interpret the biblical themes of creation, fall, and redemption—in particular as they relate to the arts and humanities
    6. Respond thoughtfully, redemptively, and empathically to social changes
    7. View current issues in their global and historical contexts and in relation to social, cultural, and natural constructs
    8. Respect diverse religions and cultures, engaging others with sensitivity and discernment
    9. Live healthfully and pursue wellness

Many of the courses necessary to complete all general education requirements are available online. A full list of the general requirements can be found in our academic catalog.