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A flexible online degree means you get the enrichment of college in a way you can handle. Advance your current career or prepare for a future one with an undergraduate degree through Trinity Online.

Bachelor of Arts in Business: Become a leader of integrity in the business world.

Bachelor of Arts in Christian Ministries: Theological and personal equipment for life.

Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice: Enforce justice with guiding ethics.

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology: Bring restoration and wisdom through counseling.

Bachelor of Arts in Business

Based in the liberal arts tradition, the major is designed to help students develop skills applicable throughout their lives by starting and working in many different types of organizations, including large and small businesses, nonprofits, and ministries. Trinity’s business curriculum has a bias toward practical application. This allows working students to immediately use course concepts on the job. (Credits: 124 / Length: 4 years.)

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Bachelor of Arts in Christian Ministries

Students pursuing a degree in Christian Ministries find themselves prepared and equipped for service in missions, churches, and parachurch organizations, whether on a part-time, full-time or volunteer basis. Our students will walk confidently in their calling, with the skills necessary for their future ministry. We offer a well-rounded approach through the following five program goals: Personal Maturity, People Skills, Penetration of Culture, Programming, Philosophy. (Credits: 124 / Length: 4 years.)

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Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice

Within a Christ-centered liberal arts curriculum, the aim of the Criminal Justice program is to provide students with a strong foundation in the studies of criminology, including criminal law, legal systems, corrections, and policing. This program will prepare students to enter advanced programs in legal studies and law enforcement and for allied careers in the criminal justice field. (Credits: 124 / Length: 4 years.)

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Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

The understanding of people, how we each think and behave, and the relationships between people are essential aspects of the various challenges of life. By choosing the Psychology major at Trinity, you can prepare to meet those challenges. (Credits: 124 / Length: 4 years.)

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