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Too busy with ministry to pursue a degree? Does going back to school mean giving up a current position? You can stay where you are, keep serving, and start studying with world-class faculty through TEDS Online.

Master of Arts / Theological Studies: Take our best courses in Bible and theology.

Master of Arts / Educational Ministries: Become an advanced educator for the church.

Certificate in Christian Studies: Strengthen your work with a wide variety of classes.

Master of Arts / Theological Studies

Our MA / Theological Studies draws from the breadth of the curriculum in biblical, theological, historical, and global areas, combined with a substantial number of elective hours that allow each student to uniquely shape his or her coursework. It is our most flexible program both in focus and delivery method, since it can be completed in its entirety at our Extension sites, in combination with or exclusively through online courses, or in summer coursework on our Deerfield campus (as well as in traditional full- and part-time formats on our Deerfield campus). This degree’s particular concern is to relate the broad field of theological studies to the work of the church, and we give our students plenty of opportunities to focus their study on particular interest areas. (Credits: 42 / Length: 2-3 years.)

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Master of Arts / Educational Ministries

This flexible degree program is ideal for ministry leaders who want to improve and expand their service in the local church and related educational settings. You may be a teacher or ministry director with a specialty in one area, like youth or family ministries, who seeks additional understanding and skills to serve as a reflective practitioner equipping others. Our program will help you by focusing your coursework on three themes in educational ministry: Congregational Life (family, age-specific and inter-generational ministry), Collaborative Ministry Engagement (leadership, small groups, teams), and Formational Learning (formational discipleship, teaching, and learning). You can take this degree entirely through TEDS Online, in person at Trinity, or through a mixture of both. (Credits: 32 / Length: 1-2 years.)

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Certificate in Christian Studies

Our Certificate in Christian Studies allows you to choose what master’s-level courses you need in order to strengthen your ministry. You may be a leader who wants to grow in your teaching ability, or at a career transition and wondering about going into ministry. Or you may want to improve at what you’re already doing. Whatever work you’ve been given, our Certificate program can help you do it better. If you decide you want more education, our certificate program will prepare you well for a Master of Divinity or another master’s degree at Trinity, with part of your coursework already completed. (Credits: 24 / Length: 1-2 years.)

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